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Severns Associates is an Elder Law Firm founded over 30 years ago and regarded as one of the most experienced firms in the Indianapolis region. We focus on helping families work together without conflict to plan for both immediate and future needs. We have a special emphasis on long term care issues - an emphasis that has come to be known as "Elder Law."

Our services include:

     •Asset Protection & Long Term Care Planning

     •Estate Planning

     •Response Team Building - Wills, Trusts,

      Powers of Attorney, Health Care Declarations

      and Other Advance Directives

     •Medicaid Planning, Applications and Appeals

     •Veterans Benefits and Administration

     •"Making It Last" - Special Needs Trusts and

       Asset Protection for Persons with Disabilities


     •Decedent’s Estates

     •Patient’s Rights and Care Advocacy

We can help you develop a comprehensive care plan for you or your loved ones, including financial planning for quality care and asset protection, assembling a caregiver team and connecting with appropriate community services.


Guiding families along life's path

for more than 30 years.



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